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female wired

Female Wired started in April 2017 with its Intro Issue.
After some startup delays in 2017 it now releases every month with an issue worth reading.
Some design changes in the beginning of 2018 has lead to a visibly appealing magazine which quickly gains popularity not only in the models and photographers world but also in their fans.

Every month we are featuring our Miss/Cover feature and a flashback to the previous month's Miss/Cover Girl.
A monthly puzzle, horoscope, cooking column, interviews together with articles from respectable writers and even writings from our very own Enzo Gianni.
We are always looking for new content and people willing to write as volunteers.


enzo gianni

owner, editor-in-chief, publisher

Enzo Gianni is the owner, editor-in-chief, and publisher of the magazine. The magazine was his brainchild and with a vision and dream as big as the sky he combines most of his into the magazine.

Born an raised in the Netherlands, he immigrated to the United States 1997 where he now resides.

He developed a passion for model photography after he found that photographing people was his "thing". With over 50 publications to his name in just 2 years he had found his passion.

These publications lit up an old passion of desktop publishing and he started working out the idea of an on-line magazine with a vision bigger than just on-line to possible shelf and stands distribution.

Step by step he tries to bring life to his vision and readers get to follow his vision along with the growth and changes to the Female Wired!

Enzo's talents are not limited to photography. He is also a recording artist with 5 albums in electronic dance music out on the major music outlets. He writes poetry based on his life experiences and loves to sing himself.

Music has always been an integral part of his life.


maria elaina

cooking column, contributing writer

Maria Elaina is our monthly contributor by preparing and providing that recipe each month in the newly "From the kitchen of Maria" column.

Maria is a psychologist and having obtained her doctorate degree in psychology has allowed her to help others with depression, domestic violence, and addiction.

Maria started modeling in 2015 and it has given her a creative outlet taking her out of her comfort zone. This combination she found to be a great self-esteem builder.

In this capacity she "ran into" Enzo during their first photo shoot in March 2018 for a publication in Female Wired.

Upon receiving her copy of the issue she was published in, the recipe page caught her attention (Enzo was at that point picking recipes from the Internet) and they started talking about her love for cooking.

Of course Enzo jumped right on that and asked if she wanted to contribute to a monthly cooking column.
Maria gladly accepted.
Maria also contribute other articles related to her expertise in psychology.




From the time Jan was a young boy, he was always  fascinated & enamored with the art of the Pin-Up Girl!  His first exposure was at the age of seven, when his father

took him for a haircut at the neighborhood barbershop.  Sam the barber had stacks of Esquire & Playboy magazines all around his shop. His father would drop him off, then pick him up, an hour later.  While he was waiting for my haircut, He'd take advantage of the magazines!  This was his initial introduction to the art and anatomy of the female body.


Pin-ups were risqué but never explicit. The women were flirtatious but fiercely independent. Many were erotic but always safe to look at and hang on the wall. Pin-ups were a welcome sight for teenage boys and even prudish mothers were likely to turn a 'blind-eye' to pin-ups hanging on their son's wall. Pretty pin-up girls, were all natural American sweethearts, created to win the adoration of men across the country. During WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, many, if not most G.I.'s footlockers contained pin-ups which helped bolster their spirits. Pin-ups were used during the war as "nose-art" on military airplanes, as well as on some enlistment posters!

Flash forward to the present. After a successful career as an educator in an inner city high school, Jan became a photographer. He started out photographing his Wounded Warrior son's progress when he was in the VA hospital. One thing led to another: nature photography, event photography, weddings, street photography, and finally portrait & pin-up photography.

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